Box by Flexxform Designs

    Straight lines and endless configurations. With its multiple options, Box can become one with its environment, fitting seamlessly against outer walls, or as a centerpiece. Box offers seating for large numbers making it not only stunning but practical. The sleek metal leg, used to gang piece of the Box configurations, gives Box a minimalistic look.

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    Sustainability Statement

    Flexxform gives preference to renewable, recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials and will also make design considerations to conserve raw materials, water, and energy.

    Another unique program that Flexxform offers is our reupholstery program. Often well made, highly-constructed lounge furniture can be reupholstered. This saves hundreds of thousands of tons of waste from ending up in landfills every year. Please speak to our customer service team for details.

    Flexxform is committed to a sustainable future for the furniture industry. We are leaders in developing new ways to utilize raw materials sustainably in view of this amazing planet Earth we call home, being clean and healthy for generations to come!

    Health and Wellness Attributes
    All Flexxform’s products offer similar attributes to assist with the user’s wellness. It is widely known that when comfortable physically, a person can be relaxed in mind also. And relaxation of the mind allows the user to focus on what matters, rather than focusing on their fears and stressors. Because Flexxform’s products are all soft seating, they can be refuges for users, attributing to their wellness!
    Key Features

    – All the foam components are environmentally friendly and California TB117 compliant

    – India Tape is utilized in the seams to ensure Box is kept bed bug proof

    – Box’s frame is constructed of solid Canadian hardwood with plywood components

    – All joins in the wood are glued and stapled to double the strength

    – Noise-canceling fabric is used to cover the back springs, to prevent unwanted squeaks and damage to the foam

    – Available in child (14″ Seat Height) and adult (18″ Seat Height) size

    – Steel legs are used as the ganging device for Box modular units

    – Available with contrasting upholstery and power options!

    Buyer Information
    Due to the custom configurations available for Box, there are multiple Sku’s. Each sku features a different price. However, within the Box product range the LIST cost ranges from $1,432 - $3,749 USD.
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada – all components are sourced within North America too!
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    4-6 Weeks
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