Chicago Work Design TALK: Meet our Speakers and Sponsors

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Katie Sargent
Katie Sargent
Katie Sargent is our Integrated Marketing Manager. Katie’s interest in the A+D industry began with her first internship at IA Interior Architects in 2010. Since then she went on to have experience with Jones Lang LaSalle, Kimball Office, Dealerships in the DC area and even heading up webinars for us! She received her degree in Business Management from Virginia Tech. Outside of work, Katie is a student earning an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies - Film and Television Performance from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Join us on Thursday, April 21 at Rocket Fuel in Chicago for our next Work Design TALK! We’ll be exploring choice in the workplace. Tickets are available here.

The host venue, Rocket Fuel.
The host venue, Rocket Fuel.

Join us on Thursday, April 21 at Rocket Fuel in Chicago for our next Work Design TALK! Top workplace experts will address how to help your workforce (or yourself!) grow accustomed to more choice and identify the best settings for particular tasks, why choice can increase employee well-being and satisfaction, and what the coworking model can teach us about the benefits of choosing work environments that suit their needs.

The discussion will be moderated by our special guest, Kate North, the VP of workplace innovation at Place Value and the global chair of Workplace Evolutionaries.

Meet the panelists

Elissa Beckman, Head of Talent and HR, SpotHero

Elissa is passionate about growing talent functions at startups. She recently joined SpotHero as the head of talent and HR, where she oversees recruiting, onboarding, employee benefits, performance management, and employee development. Prior to SpotHero, she was the head of talent management at Avant, a Chicago-based online lending organization that has 800+ employees and has raised over $1 billion in capital.

Charles Hardy, Chief Workplace Officer, GSA

Charles Hardy serves as the chief workplace officer of the General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service. As the agency’s lead executive in charge of workplace strategy, he heads efforts across the country with support in vital areas such as design and construction, real estate services, and procurement. He is responsible for research, innovation, and development in the delivery of innovative workplace solutions throughout the federal government.

Steve Teubner, Principal, Advisory Services, FOX Architects

Steve is the principal for workplace strategies and advisory services at FOX Architects. He has over two decades of experience helping organizations transform effectiveness and culture by leading innovative workplace and corporate real estate strategies, business process improvements as well as enterprise & building technology solutions. Bringing a Big Four pedigree and an architect’s mind to workplace strategy, Steve is recognized for his broad perspective and expertise and is a frequent speaker on topics related to the workplace.

 Randy Tritz, Partner, Shen Milsom & Wilke

Randy is the managing partner of SM&W’s Chicago office. His responsibilities include the coordination and management of all the professional disciplines involved on each of his office’s projects, and as the firm’s liaison with the client, he ensures that all consulting services are accomplished by professional team members within the established budget and project schedule. Randy also leads the audiovisual design process by performing the audiovisual programming and preliminary audiovisual budgeting for projects.


5:45 PM  VIP tours begin (limited number of spots, pre-registration required)
6:00-6:45 PM  Networking over refreshments + meet and greet with panelists
6:45-7:45 PM  Panel discussion + Q&A
7:45-8:00 PM  More networking

Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Get tickets now to snag your seat!

Here’s how our sponsors enable choice in the workplace:

AgilQuest 150 x 150 NG

How do AgilQuest’s products enable choice in workspaces?

When employees choose to work in the office, our software shows them all the different workspace options designers have created and lets them pick which one is the best style or layout for them today. Workers get to choose which desk is closest to their friends, team mates, or boss… or that window with the great view. From an iPhone or Android, from the web or from a touchscreen attached to a desk or the door of a meeting room, AgilQuest’s OnBoard software lets your people choose the best place for them to work today from the many choices you’ve provided. Behind that our Commander BI analytics platform anonymously tracks which workspaces and meeting rooms were actually used or not, which ones were popular and which were not. OnBoard lets people choose and Commander BI tells you what was chosen and what was actually used.


Shaw 150x150

Allsteel 150 x 150 NG

HNI 150x150







PBD 150x150

WE 150 x 150 NG

If you are interested in sponsoring this TALK, or another upcoming TALK, please email [email protected] for sponsorship details.

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