The Reseat Enterprise Tool – Sustainability Category Winner

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Emma Weckerling
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Meet the Reseat team and their winning Reseat Enterprise Tool submission in the Sustainability category. You can keep up with what’s next for Reseat by following them on LinkedIn or Instagram. Check out the full submission below!

Reseat team

 Brandi Susewitz, Founder/CEO, Eric Susewitz, Co-founder, and Mary Jean Dyson, COO

We connected with the Reseat team to see how their submission has evolved since entering the competition.

“Since launching Reseat ID Enterprise tool at Neocon in June as well as submitting our “idea” for The Next Work Environment Competition, we are happy to share that we have our very first official customer has signed up and is using the Enterprise tool and we have several more are about to sign up in the next several weeks.

In addition, we are looking at expanding the capabilities of our platform by adding a “renew” button which will address an easy solution for customers to know how much carbon they would be saving by re-upholstering or re-finishing (RENEW) their furniture and quickly being able to give them a price to do so. Lastly, the current site (front end) is still on WordPress however the whole site is currently being converted onto the custom site that is designed on React. This is a big process, but the new custom site will be a lot more user friendly, offer product holds and provide important carbon information on products.”

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

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Reseat, the award-winning digital platform and marketplace dedicated to giving furniture a second life continues to innovate with the launch of its Reseat ID Enterprise Tool, cementing its role as a sustainability vanguard in the commercial furniture industry. Created with businesses and designers in mind, the new Enterprise Tool allows companies to track inventory, move, sell and donate furniture – giving businesses a plan for the whole lifecycle of furniture right at the point of purchase and designers a competitive edge and marketplace to shop.

In its inaugural year, Reseat saved more than 3 million pounds of furniture from the landfill by working with companies like Uber, Oracle, Yelp, and Square on projects ranging from whole office relocations to outfitting office redesigns. The new membership-based upgrade to Reseat ID, the Enterprise Tool, is the key lifecycle stage where businesses, facility managers, dealers, manufacturers, architects, and designers possess the opportunity to become change agents with a proactive plan to take action and participate in the upscale upcycling process. The product information is pulled from the Reseat ID inventory, allowing customers to sell, move, or donate their furniture from an easy-to-use website dashboard.

As the Reseat Enterprise Tool finds the furniture a new home, the previous owner reaps the benefit, collecting 15-70% of the profit depending on involvement preference. The dashboard features the ability to communicate with potential buyers, receive status updates, and schedule deliveries, all designed to support the circular economy in connecting to the Reseat Marketplace.

Reseat has recently received 3 Best of NeoCon Awards, the NeoCon Business Innovation Award, MetLikes winner, and was named one of Fast Company’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies.

Reseat’s forward-thinking tech-driven platform and marketplace, now turbo-charged with the Enterprise Tool, allows companies proactively plan for the future, take steps toward meeting their pledged net-zero goals and receive LEED points. Similarly, design professionals, whether shopping on the site for previously owned furniture or activating an afterlife plan for new furniture, can note the ‘circular project’ on RFPs for clients and receive data on carbon emissions savings.

Here’s what our jurors had to say about the Reseat submission:

  • “There’s a need for this in the industry.”
  • “It’s well thought out, and the platform seems to be pretty simple to use. I really think that from an Enterprise level that this actually is something that could be used. The tracking of inventory is often a pain point and this actually makes it quite simple to do. I like the interface altogether, this is a good submission and glad to see these types of tools making their way into the industry.”
  • “Would likely have the biggest impact on sustainability.”

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