Social Media Campaigns

With a monthly reach of over 3.1M, let our thriving Work Design social communities work for you. Share your existing efforts with our followers or collaborate with us to create fresh, engaging interaction using the latest tools for each platform.



LinkedIn 11,016

Creative and meaningful posts that will help establish and promote your thought leadership to fellow workplace practitioners


11,016 organic followers

Averaging 16% increase each month!


$1,350 per 3 pack of partner posts

Instagram 51,000 Impressions/Month (June 2023)

The global workplace community is visually driven. Promote your brand to our audience who turn to us daily for inspiration and insight



+23 % growth rate in 6 months


$1,250 per daily takeover (3 posts)

$3,000 6 posts + 6 Corresponding Stories



Own a custom board on our lively and growing WDM channel for 6 months and gain attention how and when you want it! Pinterest rewards our substantial growth with beta tests of new products!

Are you looking for new customers? 
77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
Do you want your brand to be associated with positivity? 
91% of Pinners say that Pinterest is filled with positivity
Are you looking to engage with your audience to become a trusted name in your industry?
64% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to find an idea, product or service they can trust

WDM Pinterest Channel Stats:

Audience Size (June 2023): 240,000+ users who have seen or engaged with our pins


$2,500 per custom board and 12 WDM generated pins


Source: Pinterest 12.2022

WDM’s Ultimate Social Media Takeover

Own all posts for a day with a creative campaign on WDM’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms with a community representing over 39,000 followers. Note: You can substitute a listed channel for up to 5 pins on an existing WDM Pinterest board.


$4,500 net per day

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