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2021 Competition Winner

Where Are They Now: SLAM Collaborative’s Mind the Gap

We checked back in with the SLAM Collaborative team to see what they are up to today and how their Next Work Environment Competition submission has evolved since last year.

Meet the Winners: WSA Studio FLEX – Expanding Workplace Beyond the Office

Meet the WSA Studio team: honorable mention in the Flexwork category.

Meet The Winners: Ware Malcomb’s Pearl

Meet the Ware Malcomb team: the winners of the Furniture category. 

Meet The Winners: Carleton University’s Co/lab

Meet the Carleton University team: winners in the Collaboration category.

Meet The Winners: NatureConnect by Signify

Meet the NatureConnect by Signify team: honorable mention for the New to World Solutions category.

Meet The Winners: Elements Hello Hybrid

Meet the Elements team: honorable mention in the Change Management category.

Meet The Winners: The Krivens Experience Vessel

Meet Daniel Krivens: Honorable Mention winner in the New to World Solutions, Work-from-home, Metamorphosis and Wellbeing categories.

Meet The Winners: LEO A DALY’s Fix-Activate-Calibrate-Tune (FACT)

Meet the LEO A DALY team: Honorable Mention in the Office Building, Collaboration and Flex-Work categories.

Meet The Winners: H. Hendy Associates’ SAP Innovation Center

Meet the H. Hendy Associates team: honorable mention winners in the Flex-Work category.

Meet The Winners: Con Cor Design’s Flex Pod

Meet Con Cor Design's Gabriel Mathews: honorable mention in the Flex-Work category. 

Meet The Winners: WeWork’s R-Hub, Workspace Ecosystem

Meet the R-Hub / Workspace Ecosystem WeWork team: co-winners in the Culture & Community category.

Meet The Winners: Antunovich Associates | The Migratory Office

Meet the Antunovich Associates team: winners in the Metamorphosis & Wellbeing category and tied as winners in Culture & Community.

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