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The Parc by DESIGN+BUILD Workspace

Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition Human Sustainability, Return to Office, & Experimental Shared Experiences category winners, DESIGN+BUILD Workspace and their Parc submission.

Where Are They Now: Moodsonic

We connected with Moodsonic, winners in the Return to Office category of the 2022 Next Work Environment Competition, to see where their project has taken them!

Industry News: The R.T.O. Whisperers Have a Plan

How you can change employees' minds about RTO, four ways you can incorporate biophilia into the urban workplace, and more news.

How to Make Your Hybrid Office the Best of Both Worlds

Companies are re-evaluating the purpose of the office. HOK’s Beate Mellwig and Kay Sargent explain how to put in place an effective hybrid work model that balances employees’ “wants” with the needs of the business.

Evolving a Workplace App from ‘Required’ to ‘Desired’

Modo Labs’ Daniela Axinte shares how a global pharmaceutical company evolved its workplace app from a return-to-office tool to an engagement engine.

Redefining the workplace? Empathy is your most powerful design tool

In these fast-changing times, Albert De Plazaola of Unispace shares eight steps to defining the work change your teams need to thrive.

A Company Should Never Stand Still, So Why Should Your Space?

Emily Webster of ESI Design shares an experience design masterplan for creating a culture-driven workplace.

Is Your Company Pandemic-Resilient Or Future-Resilient?

The future of work is complex, and maintaining headcount during COVID-19 does not guarantee a company is future-proof.

Three Art Trends to Improve the Return to Office Experience for Employees

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS shares how companies are leveraging art to boost morale as employees finally begin to return to the office. 

The Return-to-office Is Both Divergent And Divisive. What Does That Mean For Design?  

John Sadlon of Perkins&Will explores how the post-pandemic workplace is greatly influenced by business sector and evolving employee needs.

Managing Workplace Change: Five Considerations 

Kelly Moore and Jackson Fox of Gensler share five considerations for change management rooted in preparation, communication, understanding, and empathy.

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