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What Will You Do With All That Office Furniture?

Reseat is helping everyone from furniture manufacturers/dealers, designers, facility managers and end users to sustainably manage furniture inventory.

The AI Revolution Liberating Workers From The Office

AI is a productivity powerhouse that can free remote workers from the shackles of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.

WORKTECH Chicago 2023: People, Place, Pilots and Pivots

Ware Malcomb’s Cynthia Milota and Work Design’s Michelle Weiss share the 4 key themes from the WORKTECH Conference in Chicago in July 2023.

What’s Going On With Office Vacancies?

Allwork.Space shares some perspectives on what’s fueling the increasingly weak CRE market, and what cities are trying to do about it.

Where Are They Now: KKT Architects

We caught up with KKT Architects, the winners of the 2022 Next Work Environment Competition to see where they are now!

Identifying And Overcoming 4 Common Barriers To DEI

Flashy campaigns and DEI training don’t equate to behavior, commitment and policy adjustment that is needed to create change.

Where Are They Now: Moodsonic

We connected with Moodsonic, winners in the Return to Office category of the 2022 Next Work Environment Competition, to see where their project has taken them!

The Real Reasons For Hybrid Workers To Come To The Office

Increase retention rates, engagement, and morale among your hybrid workforce by scheduling only high-value tasks at the office.

Where Are They Now: DESIGN+BUILD Workspace’s CONNECT, A Universal Co-Create Space

Find out where the DESIGN+BUILD Workspace team and their CONNECT submission from the 2022 Next Work Environment Competition are today!

3 Pivotal Ways To Foster Workplace Connections

Jamie Hodari, CEO and co-founder of coworking space Industrious, shares three actionable steps to build a sense of community in the workplace with Allwork.Space.

5 Ways Immersive Audio Can Boost Workplace Wellness And Productivity

Immersive audio technology creates a three-dimensional sound experience, enhancing the overall audio environment in an office. Could it help RTO rates?

Lessons Learned from the Coworking Revolution

Ted Laatz of SUCCESS Space shares four key coworking advancements for traditional workspaces to implement.

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