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Todd Orr

Todd Orr is an expert courts planner and designer. As a lifelong courts architect, he has designed and planned nearly 5 million SF of courts facilities and 287 courtrooms. Todd’s experience with courthouse projects has touched on all aspects of design and planning at the county, state, and federal levels. He has worked with clients to develop space-needs programs to verify project scope, assisted with site selection and evaluation, and confirmed project budgets aligned with desired expectations. Todd’s ultimate passion is for creating an important piece of civic architecture that speaks specifically to the context and community in which the building resides. The art of making that draws from local inspiration is truly what makes justice architecture so rewarding.

Courthouses That Work: Bringing Trauma-Informed Design Trends to the Courthouse

Todd Orr of DLR Group explores how trends in trauma-informed workplace design are informing the future of courthouse design.

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