A Round Up Of Our Favorite Separation Solution Products

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
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Find the perfect separation solution product to make your return to the office a safe one.

After almost three months of working from home, many organizations are looking forward to getting back to their offices. As you begin to make your return to work plans, check out this round up of our favorite separation solutions that will make things easy and safe for you and your employees.


Acoufelt Interlocking Screen & Dividers

Adapting the Open Workplace: Safe and Separate with a higher level of acoustic comfort. Flexible, Function, and Fast separation solutions designed specifically for your workplace to provide visual and acoustic privacy as your employees settle back into the workplace environment.

  • Available sizes – Height 16” to 24” – Width up to 72” – Depth up to 30” – Customized for your workplace.
  • Freestanding tabletop install with wire management access.
  • Easy to Sanitize with spray disinfectants, including solutions that contain bleach.
  • 132 Recycled bottles per desk divider removed from oceans and landfills and 100% recyclable at its end life
  • Check out a 360° view here!

Price: Available as low as $70.00 each

Quick Ship: Yes – product available in 1-2 week lead time

Order here


Full Edge-Mount Screen

Accommodate new ways of working by enhancing your existing products and blending new solutions into the workplace. Create space division and reduce transfer of pathogens by adding dividers. Select the screen style that best fits your needs: Set-On Surface, Edge-Mount, Clamp-Mount, Full Metal Edge-Mount, or Freestanding.

  • Select style and height of screen based on floorplate layout and occupancy density. Taller screens are appropriate when employees must be situated face-to-face or are near high traffic areas.
  • Create additional shielding by adding set-on surface screens to stations that already have existing edge mount screens.
  • Screens are available in a variety of materials. Specify bleach-cleanable fabrics or hard surfaces such as glass, resin or polycarbonate.

Price: Varies

Quick Ship: Yes – 10 days or less

Order here or call 812-482-1818



HPFi Eve Harbor

The sleek lines of Eve Harbor provide a contemporary solution to collaborative work space, waiting areas and lobbies when more privacy is needed. The work environment begs for more enclosed areas that fall somewhere in between “open” or “enclosed” space and Eve Harbor is the response. Available in two distinct privacy panels styles, K-shape and D-shape and three width options. Choose from three leg styles – brushed aluminum or finished wood tapered legs or silver power coated rail/runner legs.

  • Fully upholstered with double-needle trim on seat, back and arms to reinforce sewing
  • Brushed aluminum, finished wood tapered legs or rail legs, each with adjustable glides
  • Two-color combinations available
  • Available with PowerFlex power options

Price: View price list here.

Quick Ship: Yes – available in NOW Accelerated Response program

Order: Email [email protected]

Branch Furniture

Branch Panels

Designed in collaboration with Jeffrey and Lindsay Braun of Emblem, Branch launched the Branch Panels to create an easy, affordable and modular way to add structure and privacy to the open office. The free-standing or clamped partitions assemble and link together without tools to create flexible spaces and enclosures that support visual privacy, social distancing and sound attenuation. This separation solution is compatible with most desking systems and manufactured in California.

  • Available in three styles: free-standing Bench Panels for open concept desking and Standing Partitions for space division, and clamped Desk Panels for standalone desks
  • Choose from multiple sizes in each style and two quickship colors: easily link multiple Standing Partitions or Desk / Bench Panels with Velcro accent patches (included)
  • Built to last with laminated, VELCRO-compatible loop fabric with nylon tricot backing and sound-attenuating PolyMax™ inserts made of 60% recycled material
  • Designed and manufactured in California

Price: Starting from $159/panel

Quick Ship: Smoke Grey and Royal Blue

Order: Desk PanelsBench PanelsStanding Partitions

HAT Contract

HAT Contract separation solutions

HAT Contract Mesa Slide Divider

HAT Contract’s Mesa Slide Divider offers the privacy, portability and cleanability needed as people return to their work environments. Lightweight and easy to handle, it quickly slips on or off any desk surface – whether at a private work station, in a conference room or even in a cafeteria setting.

  • Dimensions: Above Desk Height 24”, Depth from Edge of Desk 24”, Divider Thickness 1-1/8”, Designed for 1-1/8” thick desks
  • Available in ash or slate
  • Made of PET for easy cleaning and sanitization
  • Acoustics to reduce noise

Price: $330

Quick Ship: Available in July. Ships in 3 days.

Order here


Okamura separation solutions

Okamura Muffle

Muffle is a modular system, consisting of panels, seating, and surfaces, that can be configured to multiple arrangements and transform open spaces into dedicated places. With multiple height and width options, Muffle can wrap around a solo-space for privacy and concentration or create distances and pathways as dividing elements.

  • Product dimensions: Panel Heights: 47 7/8″, 57 1/2″, 67″ H
  • Panel Fabric Options: Dimple (25 colors), Interlock (10 colors), Urethane Leather (3 colors)

Price: Varies

Quick Ship: No

Order: Email [email protected]



DeskMakers ReFit Collection

Safeguard the team as they return to the workplace, with ReFit from DeskMakers. Our separation solution can be quickly and effortlessly incorporated into existing spaces, with minimal installation and shortened lead times – to help facilitate a healthier work environment for all.

Price: Contact Manufacturer

Quick Ship: Yes

Order here

Herman Miller

Herman Miller Overlay separation solutions

Herman Miller Overlay

Overlay is a system of freestanding, movable walls that helps you define your space. Designed to create visual clarity in open-plan offices, Overlay helps people understand where their best work will happen and gives organizations the agility to evolve on the fly.

  • Affordable Flexibility: Overlay comes without the cost of prefabricated walls or burden of traditional construction—with just two people and in about two hours, a small application of Overlay can be relocated with minimal disruption to the ecosystem of the office.
  • Unlimited Creativity: Overlay can be outfitted with colors, textiles, laminates, glass, markerboards, or a custom material.
  • Endless modularity: From a single boundary as a room divider to four walls enclosing a meeting space with a door, Overlay can make your space whatever you need it to be, now and in the future.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Quick Ship: No

Order here



Watson Screen Collection | Social Distance Dividers

Watson has designed acrylic and steel screens for each of its product lines applying the same design language as our fabric screens, so customers can maintain a similar aesthetic. The C9 System with Acrylic Screens brings the additional benefit of shifting orientation of people and space to provide more spacious distancing.

Our Universal Screens may be used as add-on screens to sit upon surfaces or to clamp to the edge of a desk, not tools needed. And we have mobile screens for applications to separate users or divide a gathering space. We encourage using the Universal Screens anywhere, anytime.

  • 3/8” Acrylic with smooth bullnose edge. ¼: Acrylic for “sit upon surface” style.
  • Specify any Watson powdercoat finish on steel parts
  • Range of heights and widths

Price: Tall Mobile Screen (Portrait Orientation) – $1340-2550 LIST | Desktop Screen (On Surface) – $340-800 LIST

Quick Ship: No

Order here

Decca Contract

Decca separation solutions

Decca Contract – FrameWork

Social distancing doesn’t need to be an alienating experience. Take back the office with FrameWork, a series of individual freestanding work, collaborative, and flex spaces created to address the changing needs of the open office environment, designed by Brian Graham.

A modern alternative to the private office, FrameWork is a collection of reconfigurable elements that define boundaries and create adaptable spaces that seamlessly integrate into the open plan office. The collection constructs a framework for semi-private settings that enable people to work or to connect in an informal way.

A dual-sided structure with the ability for mix and match components, it allows configurations to be specified as a head’s down focus space on one side and/or shared space fostering collaboration on the other.

  • FrameWork offers four veneer patterns from herringbone to sunbursts in standard + exotic veneers.
  • Overhead shelves offer a lacquer or wood veneer finish.
  • A rich selection of material options includes wood, textiles + glass, along with cane insets + COM tack board.
  • Integrated power, height adjustable desks + lighting maximize functionality.

Price: Decca Contract’s engineering team has recently found a way to reduce FrameWork pricing by 20% since the initial product launch, starting at $14,000 List.

Quick Ship: No

Order here


Poppin separation solutions

Freestanding Protective Acrylic Shields

Our Freestanding Protective Acrylic Shield provides peace of mind for employees in an open office environment. Designed to function as a sneeze guard or portable shield, our acrylic protective separation solution are compatible with all desks and table tops. The clear acrylic shields can be used on any surface as a freestanding solution for personal protection in the workplace.

  • Designed for use on any surface as a freestanding protective sneeze guard solution
  • Trifold construction allows the panels to stand freely on their own with the side panels kept at a minimum 45 degree angle
  • Cable cutouts keep cord clutter out of your way
  • Easy to clean and disinfect with warm soap and water or common household disinfectant

Price: $229 – $349

Quick Ship: Yes

Order here


Palisades Vista

Palisades Vista is an attractive desktop and freestanding screening system that provides protective physical distancing, yet still allows for meaningful human interaction. Infinitely flexible, the system is designed to be repurposed as organizations adapt to cope with new demands and regulations. A new development of the already popular Palisades zoning family, it features similar customizable accessories such as acoustic panels and whiteboards, as well as colored frame options.

  • Desktop version is available in 24″ or 31.5″ heights and widths of 47″, 55″ and 63″
  • Freestanding version is available in 16″ high modules to a max height of 6.5 ft.
  • Additional options include personal locker storage & sanitization station

Price: Varies

Quick Ship: Not at the moment

Order here

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