A Round Up Of Leading Desk Reservation Technology

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Emma Weckerling
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Managing where employees do their best work and how they are using spaces is more important now than ever! Whether it involves saving a specific spot in your office or at a coworking center, or even just letting fellow employees know that you’ll be working from home, we have rounded up a list of desk reservation apps and platforms to help you decide what plug and go option is right for your organization.


AgilQuest Forum Desk Reservations

Tango Reserve by AgilQuest

Accurately measure utilization, trace employee presence, and offer an easy way for employees to find and claim places to work, at a safe distance.

Tango Reserve provides solutions for the office plus allows employees to indicate whether they are working from home, or at a third-party coworking space.

Key Features:

  • Find and Claim Desks, Meeting Rooms, Services and Amenities using filters and real-time floorplan, pictorial list and calendar views
  • Comply with COVID-19 Regulations with Dynamic Scheduling and Physical Distancing Management
  • Presence, Contact Tracing and Utilization Measurement with Dashboards and Reports
  • No-Touch Experience using Mobile Apps with QR Codes & Geofencing
  • Enhanced Colleague Search and Team tracking for quickly finding colleagues
  • Indicate when working from home to let coworkers know and for the organization to measure and track when employees are working from home
  • Measure and manage use of third party or other shared space (coworking, shared landlord space, etc)


  • Microsoft Exchange for use with Outlook, Teams or any other Exchange interface
  • Intel Unite© Ecosystem for a seamless meeting room experience
  • Digital Signage integrations with hardware of your choice, non-exclusive
  • Access Control and other Smart Building Systems for measuring utilization and offer automatic check-ins or cancels
  • Open API

Check out a video of the technology in action here.


archibus desk reservation

Archibus Software

Archibus, the world’s most trusted IWMS, helps you manage real estate costs, improve operations and elevate your employee experience.

Key Features:

  • Create a flexible and structured environment for employees to return back to work safely
  • Provide self-service web forms to enable an increasingly mobile workforce to quickly and easily schedule available space when needed
  • Identify and reserve space in half-day increments for a duration of days, months or years
  • Use a streamlined process to service booked rooms with basic amenities or set-up, such as furniture, office equipment, and information technology
  • Book a single room for a specific individual or a number of rooms for an entire department
  • Use search parameters to find appropriate available rooms to satisfy a specific requestor’s needs
  • Enable timely analysis of booked rooms over specified date ranges
  • Integrate hoteling information seamlessly into strategic master plans for space planning
  • Easily implement chargebacks to encourage responsible and efficient use of space
  • Lower real estate and associated costs by improving space utilization
  • Provide justification of indirect costs for workspace occupied by temporary or telecommuting workers


  • Integrate with any ERP system, including HR and financial systems
  • Integrate with IoT sensors and cameras, from smart buildings to smart cities

Kadence (formerly Chargifi)


Kadence is a people-first desk scheduling software solution designed to help bring people back together in the office.

We believe the way we work should lift us up, not lock us in, enabling people to flourish in everything they do. That’s why we’re building the next generation of tools for hybrid working, designed to unleash the potential of people, powering a more positive way of getting work done.

By building the operating system for the future of work, we improve the coordination of people, time and space to help teams feel trusted and empowered to make the best choices about how, when and where they get their best work done.

Key Features: 

Fast, easy, intuitive experience

  • Book a desk via desktop or mobile app, in their preferred location, and with the right amenities
  • Book a parking space to ensure a smooth journey to work
  • At-a-glance floor plan view to locate available and clean desks in real time
  • Integrates with SSO for seamless and quicker user sign-on

Find your teammates easily

  • Interactive floor plan with real-time visibility of who is in the office and where they are sitting
  • Find teammates and book desks nearby for a quick catch up or informal collaboration

Bring your teams together

  • Find co-workers and teammates on-the-go, and book desks nearby via the mobile app
  • Plan recurring on-site meetings with ease, using smart suggestions to book the right spaces fast
  • Assign desks by neighborhood based on the needs of a team or project
  • Share or subscribe to a team cadence to ensure you’re in the same place at the same time to collaborate

You’re in the driving seat

    • Color-coded floor plans to visualize capacity for maintaining office density
    • Capacity management for multiple buildings, floors, or workspaces all in one place
    • Health screening before checking into spaces to ensure employee safety compliance

Watch a video of the technology here.


Condeco Desk Management Software

Empower your employees to return to the office with confidence and deliver a safe, flexible working experience for them. Bring your team back together again and create a workspace for the future your employees love.

Key Features:

  • Enable flexible working and productivity
    • Find and book the right workspace for a given activity
    • Book space on the mobile app, in Outlook or on the web
    • See which spaces is available on a floorplan
  • Reduce workspace density
    • Work with fewer desks by closing desk spaces for booking
    • Give flexibility to your employees to choose days in the office
  • Control space and capacity
    • Enforce workspace booking in advance
    • Automatic notifications for space closure
    • Know where colleagues are working each day and use the floorplan to find them
  • Effective workspace sanitization
    • Office space sanitization workflow
    • Clean spaces automatically become bookable in the system
    • Office cleaning dashboard for vendors
  • Office contact tracing technology
    • Quickly compile contact tracing reports
    • Deliver contact tracing updates to employees


  • Microsoft Exchange for use with Outlook, Teams or any other Exchange interface
  • Microsoft 365 calendars
  • Condeco Digital Signage: Desk Screens, Desk Kiosk
  • Power BI Data Analytics

Watch a video of the technology here.


Envoy Desks

Envoy Desks offers easy desk booking software for the flexible workplace, so teams can collaborate in person and thrive. Employees can book desks in team-designated neighborhoods or choose to sit near specific coworkers, since they can easily find where others are sitting on the map. Desks analytics can help optimize workplace layouts by reconfiguring unused space, ultimately reducing the workplace footprint and lowering real estate costs.

The Envoy platform integrates with over 100 apps for access control, notifications, and more to keep your team and workplace running smoothly.

Key Features: 

  • Employees can find and reserve a desk for the day or in advance from their mobile phone using an interactive map

  • Employers can quickly set up a flexible workplace in their Envoy dashboard, choosing which desks are available to book and which desks are permanently assigned

  • Employers can set up neighborhoods to automatically seat teammates by function
  • Employers have access to a full set of analytics and insights to help maximize space usage and efficiency, and identify when they can reduce space


  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Outlook and Teams (coming soon!)


FM:Systems Workspace Scheduling Solution

Ideal for a flexible workplace strategy that fits the needs of your employees, FM:Systems’ Workspace Scheduling solution provides critical controls for the allocation and reservation of workstations, allowing for the safe return of employees to the workplace. With visual interactive scheduling and configurable business rules, organizations can responsibly offer workstations that are safe and ready to use.

Key Features:

Find & reserve safe workspaces on the go

  • Mobile scheduling from an iOS or Android device
  • QR Code Reader for touch-less reservation check-in, checkout and auto-release
  • View desk availability for quick, on-the-fly reservations
  • Optimized search results based on past use and preferences
  • Meet Now functionality to see immediate desk availability

Reserve directly from the floorplan

  • View available resources on an interactive floorplan
  • Search by location or workspace type
  • Search for co-workers and teams
  • Check-in and out of workspaces using QR codes, RFID badges or integrated sensors
  • Auto-release functionality captures planned vs. actual utilization
  • Reverse hoteling and out-of-office settings maximizes assigned desks
  • See reservation density and proximity to other resources
  • Available on kiosks, laptops and tablets

Comprehensive Scheduling for a Global, Mobile Workforce

  • Intuitive scheduling with options for recurring desk reservations
  • Desks limited to one reservation per day to ensure proper cleaning between users
  • Ability to limit future bookings to one week, one month or six months in advance
  • Optional health policy acknowledgment feature provides documentation for regulatory compliance
  • Timeline comparison for multi-location and multi-timezone meetings


  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft Outlook, WebEx, Cisco TMS video conferencing and more

Watch a video of the technology here.


Freespace App

The Freespace App

The Freespace App enables a safe and easy return to the workplace and a planned ramp up to a new normal.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic desk booking (plus parking and lockers)
  • Plan your days for WFH and WFO
  • Track colleagues in your inner circle that are coming to office
  • Check if desk has been cleaned before using
  • Physical occupancy location tracing
  • Wayfinding solutions inside the office with signage
  • Backend capacity and demand planning with autoscheduler(TM)
  • Single sign on – Open ID, SAML, OKTA


  • SPOT microlocation integration for one click Check-in
  • With Freespace sensors for real time occupancy


CXApp Desk Booking Software

CXApp desk booking features offer an affordable solution, at scale for a global workplace. As the Workplace SuperApp, we help transform workplaces by offering a complete office technology stack that is of value to operations teams and employees.

Our desk booking features Include:

  • Live Availability – Displays a color-coded map of available desks and workstation as well as search capabilities for future usage or specific desking requirements.
  • Desk Amenities – Lists desk attributes to help employees find a workstation that matches their needs.
  • Touchless Check-In – Uses sensors to automatically check-in employees to a reserved desk to maintain accurate booking and occupancy inventory.
  • Automatic Release – Identifies when workspaces are not being used as intended and releases desks back into the local inventory.
  • Location Aware – Powers navigation and turn-by-turn directions to desks, spaces, and key office destinations with state-of-the-art indoor positioning.
  • Occupancy Insights – Offers real-time occupancy data so employees can reserve a workstation in an area and at a designated time that maximizes comfort and productivity.
  • Monitoring Density – Displays real-time occupancy data on a per floor basis, so operators can increase or reduce capacity as needed to meet health & safety requirements.
  • Real-Time Notifications – Uses mobile updates to send time-sensitive communications and alerts to employees and visitors by user, location, and globally across your entire workforce.

Most importantly, all these features and even more capabilities are streamlined through a centralized hub. CXApp  solves multiple use cases, enterprise-wide with one platform, including desk booking and  meeting room reservations . Learn more about our solution, today: Visit CXApp


  • Extensive Partner Ecosystem – We work with a growing ecosystem of hardware, software, technology, integration and distribution partners, giving you the flexibility to create workplace solutions that meet your business needs across visitor management, digital lockers, mobile food ordering, conference room relays, interactive exhibits and more.

Watch a video of the technology in action here.


iOFFICE Desk Reservation Solution

iOFFICE’s desk reservation software makes it easy to find and reserve desks and workspaces, ensuring safe distancing and eliminating wasted space. 

Key Features:

  • Easily set and reconfigure safe distancing parameters with an adjustable slider, assign occupied desks by shift, and reduce room capacity to pre-designate available spaces for employees to reserve
  • Search for and reserve desks on any floor of any building, including by neighborhood or department
  • Filter workspaces based on location, space type, capacity, assets, and features
  • Book workspaces via lobby kiosks or room panels, or via personal devices using the Hummingbird employee mobile app and QR codes for a touchless experience
  • Check in and out seamlessly, locate sanitation stations, submit service requests, and find coworkers
  • Invite guests to meetings from address books or corporate directories
  • Get real-time utilization data in the Insights module
  • Coordinate services such as cleaning, AV equipment, or catering
  • Manage the entire workplace experience in one integrated platform using the iOFFICE suite of modules


  • Calendar: Exchange (Outlook and Google)
  • IoT and sensor technology: Aruba, CoWorkr, Crestron, Density, Enlighted, GE current, iaConnects, Relogix, VergeSense
  • Display technology: AppsSpace, Crestron, ELO
  • Open REST API to customize integrations for your unique workplace


  • Contact for custom quote

Check out a video of the technology in action here.


Modo Workplace App

Meet employees where they are with a digital experience that streamlines desk reservations and much more. Modo Workplace centralizes all of the information and tools people need to work in the office and anywhere.

The Modo low-code platform powers custom digital experiences including desk reservations for Goldman Sachs, Okta, Schneider Electric, GE and other digital transformation leaders and its continuing innovation is informed by their best practices.

Key Features:

  • Fast reservation of spaces, desks, and more
  • Sync in-office schedules and seating with colleagues and friends
  • Out-of-the-box integrations for, Jira, Office 365, Slack, EMS and more
  • Health assessments, density checks, and touchless mobile entry
  • Communicate with localized alerts triggered by beacons and geofencing
  • Conduct surveys and polls for feedback
  • Streamlined management of staff staggering and service provisioning
  • Opt-in affinity groups, challenges, social sharing and more
  • Virtual meeting spaces for coffee or gamification
  • Motivate with progress-to-goals dashboards
  • Automatic release of no-show bookings to optimize space
  • Interactive wayfinding and virtual tours
  • Onboard employees in-office or remotely
  • Deliver in-app reminders to nudge behaviors
  • Accelerated Adoption: Pre-built features on top of a fully managed infrastructure let you launch and pivot quickly.
  • A Centralized Approach: Unifies the entire workplace experience in one seamless app – there’s no need to download different tools or learn multiple interfaces. It’s all in one place.


  • Booking platforms including EMS, Zoom, Office 365, and G Suite
  • Digital Signage for iOS, Android & Windows (hardware independent)
  • ServiceNow
  • Mapspeople
  • Google
  • Motion sensors
  • Near-infinite integration opportunities as you expand to a unified workplace experience app

Rendezvous By NFS Technology

Rendezvous from NFS Technology gives your staff the ability to reserve desks easily via an app, with intuitive interfaces including floorplan booking, and social distancing built in.

Key Features:

  • Choose and book desks in advance using mobile apps
  • Find the perfect space from an interactive floorplan
  • Easily block out desks for social distancing
  • Find co-workers with Colleague search
  • Check in and out touch-free with QR code scanning and RFID access
  • Works seamlessly with desk panels, with color coding for availability
  • Forget desk ‘no-shows’ with auto-release of unused bookings
  • Reverse hoteling makes all available desks bookable
  • Multi-tenant and coworking features – chargeback using digital tokens
  • View available desk occupancy in real-time
  • Advanced reporting for managing and optimizing desk use


  • Seamless integration with Outlook – all desk bookings go straight into your calendar
  • Desk panels – see when a desk is available, in use, or being cleaned
  • RFID technology or QR code readers for touch-free check in and out
  • Visitor management systems – health questionnaires are sent automatically on booking
  • Occupancy sensor technology – utilization data to support good space decisions
  • Open API – integrate easily with a wide range of hardware or software

Check out a video of the technology in action here.


serraview desk reservation

Serraview Workplace Software

Serraview provides a comprehensive solution to help enterprise companies optimize their workplaces and enhance their employee experience.

Key Features:

  • Enable a safe return for employees with Serraview Engage
  • Quickly find an available desk or room and book it in real-time
  • Reserve a desk or meeting room for future day & time and align with other colleagues
  • Access relevant information or important announcements, such as bookings or health alerts
  • Customize the app menu to match your brand
  • Designate spaces to be reserved only by certain individuals or teams, team, or department or other customized combination to ensure consistent reservations and accurate contract tracing
  • Connect employees to key productivity and wellness resources to enhance their daily experience
  • Choose between architectural maps from Serraview, or automatically convert to easy-to-read stylized floorplans
  • Deliver micro-surveys to ensure accurate planning and track employee sentiment as you return to work and create profiles to provide important employee information


  • Integrate room bookings directly to Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar


Skedda Desk Scheduling Platform

Skedda is the world’s leading desk booking and scheduling platform that allows users to self-service book shared desk space and hot desks while easily managing office hoteling, seat allocation and hot desking scenarios. Also includes solutions for car parking and more

Key Features:

  • Book desks from custom interactive floorplans
  • Automate complex booking rules & policies
  • Manage & track user & employee usage
  • Book space directly from PWA mobile application
  • Easily find colleagues
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Sync with your existing calendars
  • Manage usage with the Check-In feature
  • Authenticate with users SSO
  • No implementation costs
  • Direct calendar integration between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (send meeting invites in your external calendar based on bookings made in Skedda)

Sony’s Nimway

Nimway acts as your personal assistant, taking the stress out of daily tasks like locating colleagues, finding your way around, and booking desks or meeting rooms. It also generates data to help facility managers improve office layouts and ensure every square meter is put to good use.

Key Features:

  • WAYFINDING – navigate the office in a simple and intuitive way
  • FIND WORKSPACE – whether you need a quiet desk or a group room, Nimway helps you find one in real time
  • ROOM BOOKING – just two clicks to make a booking
  • DESK MANAGEMENT – book a desk before leaving home, or find a free one on the fly
  • FIND COLLEAGUES – locate colleagues easily (with their consent)
  • TIME-TO-LEAVE NOTIFICATIONS – get alerts when it’s time to head to your next meeting
  • REPORT A PROBLEM – easily report breakdowns or malfunctions to your facility services team
  • ANALYTICS – use occupancy data to understand how different spaces are used. Know where to place a growing organisation and which types of rooms and workstations are most frequently used.
  • BACK-TO-WORK – installation-free version of Nimway with special features to support the return to the workplace.


  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google suite

Watch a video of the technology here.



SpaceIQ Workplace Operations Platform

SpaceIQ provides the tools and insights to help execute data-driven real estate decisions, increase operational excellence, and enhance employee experience.

Key Features:

  • SpaceIQ desk reservations give employees the confidence to return to the workplace
  • Reservations made easy on a tablet, wayfinding kiosks, Slack / Messenger, or the SpaceIQ Employee Mobile App
  • Safely and effectively navigate your workplace
  • Find and book available, nearby meeting rooms and hotel desks
  • See a room’s capabilities…then book it for a quick meeting
  • Reserve a hotel desk—either “Book Today” or hold a future date
  • Deploy easy-to-use mobile applications to find peers
  • Restrict available space to a specific department
  • Locate emergency exits, first-aid kits, printers, etc.
  • Submit a maintenance or IT ticket, including details
  • Implement desk displays to know real-time availability or occupancy of a desk


  • Integrate room bookings directly to Slack, Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar

Check out a video of the technology in action here.


spacewell desk reservation

Spacewell Desk Reservation Solution

Spacewell’s IoT-enabled and user-friendly reservation solution facilitates booking and management of desks, rooms, and services using a range of touchpoints.

Key Features:

  • Touchpoints include web portal, mobile app, kiosk, room panel, and Outlook
  • Integrate with sensors to understand occupancy and utilization in real-time and to create automated workflows
  • Powerful dashboards help identify pain points and improve office design and management, especially in agile environments
  • Real-time floorplan visualization along with historical data analysis
  • Book services and equipment along with reservations
  • Maximize recaptured space with auto-cancel of no-shows
  • New COVID-19 features include options for non-invasive contact tracing, smart cleaning, and social distancing


  • 100% SaaS with open APIs and hardware-agnostic platform
  • Connects to market-leading sensor technology and BMS
  • Ongoing third-party sensor certification program

Check out the full profile here!


SwipedOn Desks

SwipedOn Desks is a smart and simple approach to workspace management. Businesses which are interested in keeping employees safe at work through social distancing, or those who are operating a hybrid workplace, will love the agility of our cloud-based platform.

Key Features: 

  • Control Office Capacity
  • View occupancy and history
  • Assign essential workers with a fixed desk only available to them
  • Flag desks as unavailable for effective social distancing
  • Easily locate and book desks on the go (option to book/reserve desks in advance)
  • Real-time desk availability
  • Locate key contacts such as fire warden or first aider
  • Stress-free desk allocations


  • Cloud-based platform


Teem Desk Reservation Solution

Assign, find, and book desks with Teem maps, calendar plugins, and the app. See real-time desk availability with area displays.

Key Features:

  • Customize your desk experience with assigned desks and desk booking
  • Book desks in advance or ad hoc to support planned or spontaneous work
  • Find and book desks with Teem Maps, Teem Calendar Plugins, and the Teem App
  • See at-a-glance desk availability from Teem Area Displays
  • Help traveling, remote, and contract employees feel at home no matter where they are
  • Improve the workplace experience by using Finder to provide at-a-glance desk availability from an interactive map
  • Maximize recaptured space with ghost and Zombie Meeting® elimination and Workplace Insights
  • Designate desks as assigned or reservable
  • Integrate sensor technology to auto-cancel no shows and track space utilization


  • Communication channels (bookings and alerts): Slack, G-Suite, Outlook, Exchange
  • Real-time occupancy and utilization sensors: Crestron, Enlighted, GE current
  • Display technology: Crestron panels
  • Secure document management (policy acknowledgements, waivers, NDAs, etc.): Box


  • Starting at $80 per desk per year


Joan Desk Booking App By Visionect

Joan is the most comprehensive workplace management tool, built around ultra-low-power and energy-efficient ePaper displays.

Key Features:

  • Book desks in a scalable way. No spreadsheets, emails, and conflicts.
  • No training required. The extremely user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation from day one. Pick a desk and book it, something everyone can master on their first try.
  • Start booking desks immediately. It takes 10 minutes to create an account, upload a floor plan, and add your employees. No commitment in your first 30 days.
  • No changes to your office. There’s no need to move desks or put up walls. Simply limit bookable surfaces and your flexible workspace is ready to run.
  • Track reservations, enable contact tracing. Desktop version enables easy tracking of bookings, empowering office managers to track employees’ locations, and book desks in their place.


  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Visitor management
  • Health screening
  • Upcoming meeting room booking option


  • Joan Desk Booking app is available for $ 2.49 per user per month and starts with a 30-day free trial. No strings attached and no credit card required.


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