A Round Up Of The Leading Space Occupancy Technology

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
Emma is the Managing Editor of Work Design Magazine.

Space occupancy technology is essential to your hybrid and return-to-office success. 

With employees on varying schedules, it’s more important than ever to understand how they are interacting with your spaces. Space occupancy technology will support your workplace with data-informed answers to critical planning questions. When used correctly, this technology can inform new space and design decisions, collect information crucial to energy savings, analyze how amenities are being used, inform cleaning schedules, enhance the overall employee experience, and more.

Below we’ve outlined the top space occupancy technology on the market so you can find the tool that’s best for your organization.


Robin is the leading hybrid workplace experience platform. The platform redefines work and community building for hybrid companies everywhere, helping manage hybrid schedules, surface office activity, and book desks and spaces. These capabilities are coupled with powerful workplace analytics that help organizations make strategic decisions based on data, including office trip and utilization data, personalized insights, and occupancy trends and forecasting.

Get to Know the Technology

  • QR code stickers for desk check-ins
  • Software for conference room displays for on-the-spot booking, check-in and abandoned room protection
  • Ability to join the office to signal intent of going to the office (with or without booking a desk or conference room) via both mobile and desktop
  • Comprehensive workplace analytics, including:
    • Floor usage trends and predictions
    • Desk and space usage, including check-in % vs. reservations made v. total availability
    • Recaptured time information, which is the total time released when nobody checks into their reserved space
    • Customizable data exports, including visitor logs
  • Coming soon: Streamlined check-in for improved occupancy data

Additional Resource

CXApp, The Workplace SuperAppTM

The Workplace Analytics Dashboard of CXApp, the Workplace SuperAppTM  gives you a complete view of occupancy across all your campuses at granular and global levels. Gain deeper insights on how your employees are using your spaces and identify trends within regions, individual campuses and buildings. Use our Workplace Analytics Dashboard to discover which spaces provide the best ROI, so you can maximize the usage of your corporate real estate (CRE) portfolio and budget.

Get to Know the Technology

  • Company Dashboard: Get a centralized view of your occupancy metrics at the global and regional level.
  • Campus Dashboard: Explore a more focused view of occupancy for each campus, by each building, floor, room and desk.
  • App Data Dashboard: Visualize the digital footprint of your employees via data from your workplace experience app.
  • Comparative Analysis: Make side-by-side and historical comparisons between occupancy metrics for different entities and timeframes, such as geographic location and year over year.
  • Recency and Frequency: View precise data on the recency and frequency of occupancy for every space in your real estate portfolio.

Additional Resource:

  • Read the Workplace Analytics Brochure to find out how you can use our Workplace Analytics Dashboard to boost the ROI of your CRE portfolio.

Joan Workplace Management System

With Joan Workplace Management System, you can easily improve your space occupancy.

With Joan Room Booking and proprietary ePaper room schedulers, employees can easily book and manage meeting rooms, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring that the rooms are being used efficiently.

The Joan Desk Booking app, allows employees to book desks as needed. By that, you can ensure that your office space is used effectively, without leaving any desks empty or underutilized.

The Joan Visitor provides automated visitor registration. By that, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the visitor sign-in process, reduce wait times and administrative burdens on reception staff, and increase compliance with regulations.

Joan Analytics brings insights into how your office space is being used, allowing you to identify patterns and trends, optimize the use of resources, and make data-driven decisions about how to improve the workspace experience. With customizable dashboards, Joan Analytics offers a wide range of reporting options for room booking, desk booking, and visitor registration.

With the Joan Workplace Management System, you can ensure that your office space is being used to its full potential, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and creating a more pleasant workplace experience.

Get to Know the Technology

Additional Resource


Eptura is the only software platform bringing workplace and asset management together, empowering you to work your world. Our single-platform solution allows you to optimize your use of time and workspace, create effective ways of working, and build an empowered worker experience — all in one trusted worktech ecosystem.

With Eptura Workplace, you get the tools you need to support hybrid work, manage visitors, and make better use of your space. And because it’s backed by powerful analytics, you can rest assured that you’re making data-driven decisions that propel your business forward. However your teams prefer to work, you can bring them together and help everyone perform at their best with workspace booking, planned collaboration, simplified service requests, and easy wayfinding, ensuring employees get the most of their time in the office. And with streamlined visitor and guest check-ins, you can keep everyone safe and secure while you’re at it.

Whether you’re facing the challenge of retooling your existing footprint or identifying new locations to eliminate unnecessary real estate costs, Eptura’s intuitive space planning tools and smart analytics help you reimagine your facilities in detail on a global, local, or floor plan level.

Get to Know the Technology

Space-Planning Tools

  • Digital twins
  • Strategic space planning
  • Move management
  • Usage monitoring
  • Real estate planning
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Mobile app
  • Analytics data dashboard
  • Floorplan portal

Additional Resource

Modo Workplace

Engage, empower, and excite employees about returning to work with a digital engagement platform built to support people-centric workplaces. Trusted by the world’s leading brands, like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Schneider Electric, and more, the Modo Workplace low-code/no-code platform allows you to integrate enterprise systems, build custom modules, and add personalized elements to a branded, cross-device workplace app.

Modo Workplace unifies the entire workplace experience in one seamless app – there’s no need to download different tools, learn multiple interfaces, or log into multiple systems. It’s all in one place.

Get to Know the Technology

  • Enable self-serve reservations of desks, rooms, or an entire floor for one or multiple people in one or multiple locations, for one or multiple days.
  • Receive notifications and reminders about the reservation to nudge employees’ behaviors.
  • Use the room/desk’s QR code to quickly book it.
  • Sync in-office schedules and seating with colleagues and friends.
  • Use out-of-the-box integrations for FM:System, Condeco, Office365, Slack, EMS, and more.
  • Automatically release no-show booking to optimize space.
  • Manage settings for advance availability by week, day, and weekends assign or remove site admins.
  • Gather feedback with in-app surveys and polls.
  • Streamline management of staff staggering and service provisioning.
  • Add interactive wayfinding and virtual tours.

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