Coleurí By Via Seating Is Bright, Multifunctional, And 100% Recyclable

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
Emma is the Managing Editor of Work Design Magazine.

Coleurí, Via Seating’s latest multifunctional seating series, is debuting at NeoCon and will be available to ship in Q3 2023!

Via Seating introduces Coleurí, a cutting-edge seating series crafted by the acclaimed Dorigo Design, renowned for their numerous awards and global recognition. Embracing the essence of simplicity with an enchanting Italian high-design flair, this remarkable collection is set to captivate and bring vibrancy to collaborative spaces.

With its alluring dipped-look finish, Coleurí is offered in six vibrant colors, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any space. Add an additional enhancement of comfort with an optional upholstered seat cushion. Despite its lightweight construction, Coleurí boasts an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a six-year warranty, ensuring both comfort and durability. Applications for Coleurí include huddle rooms, cafeterias, guest seating, casual conference seating, and all sorts of innovative, collaboration areas.

Coleurí color options. Image courtesy of Via Seating.

Coleurí is Responsibly Made

What sets this chair apart is not only its striking appearance, but also its commitment to sustainability. Coleurí is 100% recyclable. Via Seating provides detailed disassembly instructions to follow when any of their products reach end of life.

Via Seating takes pride in offering a range of products that all hold the esteemed BIFMA LEVEL® certification for environmentally-preferable and socially-responsible office furniture. This certification represents an evaluation and certification system for office furniture that prioritizes environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Image courtesy of Via Seating.

To achieve this third-party certification, all Via Seating products, including Coleurí, undergo a rigorous assessment based on a comprehensive set of criteria established by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA). This holistic evaluation examines the impacts of the products in areas such as materials used, energy consumption, human health, and social responsibility, ensuring that Via Seating products adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices.

Dorigo Design – Image courtesy of Via Seating.

Meet the Designers

Coleurí is the latest multifunctional seating series developed by the world-renowned, multiple award-winning, designers of Dorigo Design. Dorigo Design studio was founded by Fiorenzo Dorigo in 1992, and it operates in the fields of industrial, furniture, product and interior design. Seeking beauty and innovation rather than trends, Dorigo Design projects explore concepts that not only look good, but also feel and work well. They have a practical and thoughtful, no-nonsense approach to design, characterized by sharp and crisp lines, sensible details, quality and durability.

Coleurí in a cafe setting. Image courtesy of Via Seating.

Pricing and Shipping:

Coleurí has a starting list price of $480 and a six-week lead time until quick-ship options become available in late 2023.

Experience Coleurí at NeoCon

Join us in experiencing Via Seating in person at NeoCon 2023! Their showroom refresh will embrace strong biophilic vibes and natural materials optimized throughout the updated space. You can check out some of their latest products in their showroom including Coleurí, Vooom, and Jeté.

The Via Seating showroom at theMART is located on floor 10 in suite #10-148.


Image courtesy of Via Seating.

Get to Know Via Seating

In 1987, Via Seating revolutionized the commercial furniture industry with its groundbreaking innovations. Setting themselves apart in the mid-market, Via became the first company to introduce a remarkable 48-hour manufacturing time for every chair, fabric, and leather option. Moreover, Via Seating pioneered a new category of chairs known as ‘execu-task’ seating, driven by the belief that a seat of power should prioritize exceptional ergonomic functionality. These visionary concepts were inspired by the founder of Via, Danish-born Thomas Sorensen.

Via’s people are exceptional. They wake up every morning with chairs on their minds and go to bed dreaming about them. They perceive the world through the lens of a chair, with the customer at the core of their perspective. Via understands the transformative power of a great chair and the consequences of a poorly designed one. They embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly, considering it a unique opportunity to enhance their customers’ quality of life. At Via Seating, they embody the principles of Intentional Ergonomic Design, focusing on health and wellness in everything they do.

This article was written in partnership with Via Seating.

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