Ready to Conduct Business in the Marketplace?

Welcome to the New Work Design Marketplace!

As the only workplace content provider that has earned the trusted attention of A&D / CRE specifiers, dealers, facility managers and corporate decision makers, our team invites you to be part of this fast track to sales. Participation in our Marketplace consists of a collaboration with our Content Creators to build custom, SEO-optimized product and solution profiles packed with the information decision makers need most to garner interest and to be considered. Profiles can only feature one product. Each 1 year profile includes:

  • Up to 5 impactful images in opening slideshow
  • An opportunity to highlight distinguishing advantages and solutions to key workplace issues
  • 3 image gallery of the product or solution in action
  • Ways to Read more (articles), Learn more (links) and See more (embedded, advertiser supplied videos)
  • Two opportunities to engage with you on the social channels that matter most to your business
  • Specific Calls to Action for Lead Generation tracking

Bonus Opportunties:

Each profile will enjoy time as a visual on the homepage of the Marketplace as a featured post (up to one month).

Profiles with the most pageviews will be featured in a Monday enewsletter to over 7,800 subscribers.

Editors will periodically roundup categories into special, solution-based features like this visitor management example here.


Why choose our Marketplace?

  • Today’s workplace decisions are being made from more areas than ever and only Work Design delivers them all in one place
  • Our close relationship with decision makers helped shape the structure of our highly comprehensive, user friendly profiles
  • Your brand will be part of our robust editorial ecosystem with numerous organic and planned efforts to continuously direct buyers to shop it

Ready to jump start your sales funnel?

Cost per Listing: $1,000

3 Pack (3 listings in 2021): $2,500

10 Pack (up to 10 listings in 2021): $6,500

Interested? Contact [email protected] for details.