Optimaze Worksense by Rapal


    Optimaze Worksense is a world-class smart office solution designed to serve two main purposes:

    1. REAL ESTATE PROs get easily collected data for continuous workplace management and a digital channel for offering facility and hospitality services.
    2. EMPLOYEES get a better workplace experience.

    At the core, Worksense empowers choice for employees and supports sharing resources with real-time and booking data on available desks, rooms, parking spaces and more. Employers can promote flexible, hybrid and activity-based working while lowering real estate costs and carbon footprints. One smart office solution for making a better workplace experience, while easily collecting IoT data for continuous workplace management and improvement.

    The Optimaze Worksense app empowers employees and facility managers to plan for a controlled and safe return to the office while offering a choice-based and connected workplace. Provide employees the choice to work from home or from the office, with open and real-time data, pre-booking of desks, and management of desk & room availability.

    Most of us work, typically five days a week – with different needs across each day. Some days at the head office, others, at some other location. Optimaze Worksense is among the world’s most attractive mobile interfaces for accessing the digital twins of your offices, and a great workplace experience with the push of a button.

    Optimaze Worksense combines a clean, smooth app with various workplace services and resources: it lets its users book desks and rooms, monitor comfort levels, request service, or select the best lunch place. Workdays can be an experience and Optimaze Worksense guarantees it’s an excellent one – starting from the moment the user picks a location and plans their workday, to finding their way to their preferred work settings. As reliably and fast as possible.

    Key Features
    • Mobile app for touchless interface to search, find and book desks, rooms and parking spaces. Native mobile app support for iOS, Android.
    • Digital signage, wayfinding screens and Info TV’s with digital floorplans for wayfinding and communication of real-time data on utilization and indoor air comfort levels
    • Easy tool for location-specific service requests to facility management (IT, maintenance, cleaning etc.).
    • Scalable to include eg. real-time waiting time info for lunch restaurants to save lunchtime
    • Multiple languages, metric and imperial units, optimized for color blindness.
    • Scales easily and fast, from single rooms to global portfolios, 100% SaaS, hardware-agnostic platform, externally security audited data management
    • Other: SSO (Single sign-on) Microsoft and Google, Calendars (Exchange, Office 365, soon: Google Calendar), accessible via browsers on laptops.
    • Connects to market-leading sensor and IoT technology, e.g. Sigfox, Connected Inventions (Detectify, AirWits), Xovis, Yanzi, and optical camera sensors (eg. PointGrab, JAS).
    Buyer Information
    Get a full-fledged smart-office solution for the cost of just a cup of coffee - per month, per employee!
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Software made in Finland, with sleek Nordic design, high tech know-how, and secure data management
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    Optimaze Worksense occupancy sensors are fast to install, and booking features easy to take into use. No wires or strings attached. Sensor delivery time may vary on availability and location, 1-30 days.
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