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    iOFFICE’s robust visitor management system supports your company’s mission by creating a helpful, positive experience for your visitors.

    During your transition back to the office, it’s crucial to reduce unnecessary risk. With iOFFICE’s visitor management software, it’s easy to monitor, manage, and review visitor logs. This saves significant time and reduces lingering in crowded waiting areas.

    Guests can pre-register, which automatically generates a confirmation email with a QR code they can scan upon arrival to notify their host. This makes the entire entry process touchless and more efficient. Prior to their visit, you can send email reminders with directions, health screening information, parking details, and more.

    In the new world of workplace management, iOFFICE’s visitor management software helps protect organizations from potential safety and security threats. It gives you the power to track visitor information and remain responsive, so you can streamline contact tracing efforts.

    When you resume normal operations, our visitor management software helps you stay vigilant. It allows you to capture visitor images, automate badge printing, track activity, manage NDAs, and check all visitors against a security watchlist.

    By eliminating frustrating delays and long waiting times, iOFFICE helps you make a great first impression with guests.

    Deployment: Cloud

    Key Features
    1. PRINT CUSTOM BADGES – Enhance security with custom visitor badges printed through Brother and Dymo printer integrations.
    2. SPECIFY VISITOR TYPES – Stay informed about who is in the office by designating visitor types (contractors, candidates, and more) during check-in, and easily export visitor logs for contact tracing.
    3. CREATE A VIP EXPERIENCE – Make visitors feel like VIPs through pre-registration, which automatically sends crucial information such as directions, parking instructions, and even a QR code that speeds up check-in.
    4. NOTIFY HOSTS – Automatically notify hosts via email or Slack when their pre-registered visitors check in. Visitors that don’t pre-register can also notify their host by selecting them from a synchronized employee directory.
    5. PROTECT YOUR COMPANY’S EMPLOYEES AND SENSITIVE DATA – Require visitors to sign custom agreements like NDAs or wellness attestations to keep your office safe, and deny entry to visitors on your watch list or who don’t follow your company’s policies.
    6. TOUCHLESS CHECK-IN – Visitors can check in from their phones without downloading additional apps or interacting with the office tablet.
    7. GET INSIGHTS – View data and generate reports on visitor counts, types, and more in an instant.


    Buyer Information
    We want to understand your needs — see the “request custom pricing” link below to contact us for a quote.
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    Implementation time is about 8 hours total, which customers typically spread over 30 days based on their specific setup