Saltmine: Plan, design, and optimize your space

    Saltmine empowers enterprise companies to create better spaces where their employees love to work—no matter what their future holds. Our revolutionary technology powers data-driven decisions that make the workplace dynamic, responsive, and adaptive. Saltmine is designed to help teams increase collaboration, create better workplaces, and elevate experiences—all while reducing real estate and design project costs.

    Key Features

    Faster space planning

    • Space analytics
    • Cross project analysis
    • Quick test fitting
    • Automated programming

    Collaborative, responsive design tools

    • Pre-defined blocks and catalogs
    • Automated HD renderings
    • Bi-directional program audit
    • Design planning standards

    Easy, efficient portfolio management

    • Real-time floor plans
    • Scenario planning
    • 3D visual walkthroughs
    • Custom digital assets
    • Sites and projects

    Centralized platform for workplace teams

    • RE performance metrics
    • Capacity analytics and reporting
    • Custom workplace dashboard
    • Utilization data
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