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    Looking for space planning flexibility and clean aesthetics?

    The C9 rail system was designed from the ground up with the idea of giving people a better workstation experience. By allowing the joints to articulate, more space planning schemes are available and more importantly more space per user is possible. This can be particularly useful during times of public health crisis, but that was not why this was developed. We believe the issue in the open office is the drive for maximum density and feel that by taking some space back from ancillary spaces we can create a more successful open office experience.

    Just launched this summer, the C9 system is being expanded to include an offering of meeting tables, updated personal storage and additional options for workstation privacy. The meeting tables are constructed using the same frame components as the workstation desk with the inclusion of a T-joint casting so the tables can run to endless lengths. The accessories included with the meeting tables have been purpose built with the meeting table in mind to include undersurface openable cable trays, flexible cable towers and a frame attached large format screen mount. The cushion on the unit is perfect for quick conversations at the desk or impromptu socially distanced meetings.

    This system is ideal for open plan, coworking and more spaces.

    Key Features

    The C9 Sustainability Story

    The C9 desk features the worlds slimmest height adjustable desk legs that were developed and are produced exclusively by Watson.

    Throughout the product line, we push the envelope on what is possible using steel construction. Steel is often seen as a harsh and industrial material, but by implementing large radius bending tools, and seamless construction techniques we were able to bring and elegance and inviting softness to this line.

    We also balanced our use of steel, though the use of soft biophilic materials such as wood, fabric, and linoleum.

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